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    Thứ năm 13/11/2003:

    To Vanquish Chameleon

    đánh bại quỉ chameleon)

    Cast by: Piper


    Evil hiding in plain sight

    I use this spell with all my might

    Stop your changing form and shape

    This vanquish seals your fate


    Mind Link

    nối kết suy ngh&#297

    Cast by: Phoebe and Paige


    Life to life and mind to mind

    Our spirits now will entertwine

    We meld our souls and journey to

    The one whose thoughts we wish we knew



    To Relinquish Powers

    từ bỏ quyền năng)

    Cast by: Piper


    From whence they came, return them now

    Vanish the words

    Banish our powers


    ! it thong tin về con quỉ chameleon.

    Name: Chameleon

    Type:  Demon

    Minions: None

    Kill Method: None

    To Vanquish: Recite the appropriate spell (see Book of Shadows)

    Details: Chameleons are information gatherers for the Source. They can transform into any object in order to spy on someone. They have the powers of telelekenisis and shimmering


    Alignment:  Evil 

    Body Count: None

    Acted By: Alastair Duncan 


    Thứ sáu 14/11/2003 tập này ko dùng thần chú !



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