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    The big boss

    Overview: In an emotive, rollercoaster storyline of friendship, betrayal, revenge, and deadly confrontation, Lee plays Cheng, a migrant worker who travels to Thailand in search of work, and breaks open a drug-trafficking ring with his fists of steel. In his quest for justice and revenge, Lee is an unstoppable force of nature, breaking down wave after wave of opponents with powerful hand combinations and lightning fast precision kicking.

    -Film Director(s): Lo Wei

    -Film Producer(s): Raymond Chow (Man Wai)

    -Action Director(s): Han Ying Chieh

    -Released: 1971 [Hong Kong]

    -Genre: Action/Adventure

    -Running Time: 96 mins

    -Cast: Bruce Lee (Siu Lung), Maria Yi, James Tin Jun, Nora Miao, Lam Ching Ying, Lau Wing, Lee Kwan, Han Ying Chieh, Gam Saan, Ma La Lene. . .




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