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      Thứ ba 11/11/2003 Tập 27

      Các câu thần chú dùng trong tập này :To Summon/Enchant A Prince(triệu tâp/bỏ bùa 1 hoàng t&#7917Cast by (gọi bởi) : Evil Enchantress, Paige Bring together my prince and me.Let him fall on bended knee.I summon him to my side, That he may take me to be his destined bride. To Open A Portal To A Past Life(Mở một cánh cổng đến một cuộc sống trong quá kh&#7913Cast by: Paige Bring together my prince and me.His kingdom now I wish to see.Crossing history to his side,From myself I will not hide. To Vanquish Shocker Demon(Đánh bại quỉ shoker)Cast by: Phoebe, Piper and Paige Vanquish, we three witches cry.One final shock and then you die. ____________________

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          Ặc, sao xuống hàng rồi mà nó bị kì vậy nhỉ?

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            Sorry, tập 27 ko dùng thần chú, các câu ở trên là của tập 28 thứ tư 12/11/2003

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              Thứ năm 13/11/2003:

              To Vanquish Chameleon

              đánh bại quỉ chameleon)

              Cast by: Piper


              Evil hiding in plain sight

              I use this spell with all my might

              Stop your changing form and shape

              This vanquish seals your fate


              Mind Link

              nối kết suy ngh&#297

              Cast by: Phoebe and Paige


              Life to life and mind to mind

              Our spirits now will entertwine

              We meld our souls and journey to

              The one whose thoughts we wish we knew



              To Relinquish Powers

              từ bỏ quyền năng)

              Cast by: Piper


              From whence they came, return them now

              Vanish the words

              Banish our powers


              ! it thong tin về con quỉ chameleon.

              Name: Chameleon

              Type:  Demon

              Minions: None

              Kill Method: None

              To Vanquish: Recite the appropriate spell (see Book of Shadows)

              Details: Chameleons are information gatherers for the Source. They can transform into any object in order to spy on someone. They have the powers of telelekenisis and shimmering


              Alignment:  Evil 

              Body Count: None

              Acted By: Alastair Duncan 


              Thứ sáu 14/11/2003 tập này ko dùng thần chú !

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                Đây là một số link cho pà con nào muốn đọc script của các tập phim, tìm kiếm thông tin về dv, hình ảnh, interview, spoiler, 2 trang web này rất đầy đủ.



                Hiện tại bộ phim đang tới season 6.

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                  Wow, cảm ơn về 2 trang web nhá, nó rất hay đó, vậy là có thể biết trước nội dung phim rồi đã he he, zậy mà ông thần tình củm này giờ mới giới thiệu!!

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                    Thứ ba : 18/11/2003

                    To See A Muse

                    Cast by: Phoebe

                    Being of creativity,

                    show yourself now to me.

                    Your light that shines upon our face,

                    let our vision now embrace

                    Warlock Vanquishing Limerick

                    Cast by: Not cast

                    A warlock is a funny thing,

                    he blinks from place to place,

                    and when we say these words to him,

                    his face they will erase

                    To Find A Muse

                    Cast by: Paige, Piper and Phoebe

                    Being of creativity,

                    We call ourselves now to thee

                    Your light now darkened in a ring

                    Shall feel the power of three we bring

                    Warlock Vanquishing Spell

                    Cast by: Paige, Piper and Phoebe

                    Evil is a faithful foe, but good does battle best.

                    We witches will, with these words,

                    waste the warlocks evil zest

                    To Un-See A Muse

                    Cast by: Paige, Piper and Phoebe

                    Being of creativity,

                    Hide yourself now from me,

                    Your light that shines upon our face

                    From our vision, now erase

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                      Thu 5 20/11/2003 : Trial By Magic

                      To Summon The Spirit Of Angela Provizolis

                      Cast by: Piper, Phoebe and Paige

                      Hear these words

                      Hear our cry

                      Spirit from the other side

                      Come to us we summon thee

                      Cross now the great divide

                      Beloved spirit Angela

                      We seek your guidance

                      We ask that you commune with us

                      And move among us

                      To Stretch The Imagination

                      Cast by: Paige

                      Let mind and body soar

                      To heights not reached before

                      Let limits stretch

                      That you may catch

                      A new truth to explore

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                        Thứ 6 21/11/2003 : Lost And Bound

                        To Destroy/Weaken A Magic Shield

                        Cast by: Paige, Piper and Phoebe

                        Door unlock

                        No magic block

                        To Vanquish Ludlow (Haiku)

                        Cast by: Paige, Piper and Phoebe

                        The brittle winter

                        gives way to flowers of spring

                        Ludlow is vanquished

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